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01 Who?

Hi there, so nice to meet you. I am glad you are here and we have a chance to connect.


I am J.B.O which stands for Jacqueline B. Oester which of today is not my name anymore but still feels like me and a name that this single person (me) can be identified with. My married name, which I love so much, is for my family life, for the identification of a whole or something bigger than me. 

I am a multi-passionate human and here to help others in all matters business-, home & lifestyle.


As an executive Assistant to a successful F1 Driver I always need to be organized and structured. I have to be ready ALL the time to get literally EVERYTHING done in NO time. Since time is measured in milliseconds in this sport, everything is always high speed on a high performance level. 


This career path also made me realize that the home was an aspect that needs to be looked at as a sanctuary where we go to recharge our emotional, physical and spiritual batteries. Only when fully at peace at home, will you have the full power to achieve "out there" what you're supposed to. 


The Lifestyle is then more the sequence in between and is ultimately the result of everything playing together. There is no real balance in life so all we can do is bring harmony to those aspects. When you are able to recharge your batteries in your space at home then your lifestyle will adept automatically to a healthier, happier you.

So I am here to help you make those positive changes wherever you need it the most and have an impact on how you see your world as a whole. Together we will bring those changes to your business, home and ultimately to your lifestyle.



Over 20 years of experience in the corporate- and private sector in several positions and branches have made me a specialist in various areas and an enthusiast for healthy integration of work and home spaces.

To deal with the new challenges the world has in store for us, we have to make healthier decisions for all of us; the firm, the environment and everybody else involved. The speed will not slow down and hence the focus on recharge areas within your everyday life. 

I am here to support this change.

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02 Projects in Pictures

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Areas where my Passions could be Beneficial for You

Speak to me about

01 AirBnB Set-up/Improvement, Interior-& Management

02 Interior Concepts for Businesses-& Homes

03 Content/Copy Creation for Websites, Flyers, Newsletters

04 Projects/Business Consultings Organization - Planning - Structure

05 Talent Placement & Private Charter travels











03 Services


04 Happy Stories of Change

Roger from Zurich lost his housemanager and needed replacement asap. We started working on Monday and within a week the position was filled with the perfect match. The new housekeeper started the next Monday morning.

All things were taken care of from negotiationg to interviewing to contracts. Happy client and happy Housekeeper. 

Nathalie moved into this beautiful house but she needed some help to make it feel more comfortable and together. Within her budget, time and including some existing furnitures we created a new outside space for her many gatherings with friends. It included a lounge space, an eating area and a separate terrace, we took care of her living room, guest room and her entrance area got an update with a wallpaper and a few new items. 

Angela signed a contract for a new office space at a prime location in Zurich but the space looked anything but prime. Within her start-up budget we found everything we needed to make it more inviting for her clients but more importantly we created a space where herself and her colleagues felt inspired to go to work everyday. 

Monica needed a change in her bedroom. 20 years down the line and 3 children later she wanted a more harmonious bedroom where one would feel comfortable and cozy. The change was huge from their very first bedroom when they first moved in together to something that both of them liked. It changed to a warm and inviting space to cuddle up together.

Anna and Fredy own a beautiful house with two attached holiday homes in Spain. For many years the two rental homes were quiet and the space needed an upgrade to keep up with the demanding traveler's needs. Within a week of hard work we furnished one flat and got it ready so that the family could then just copy the interior in the second rental. Both flats have been rented out all summer long since the update. 


05 Want to Connect?

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