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I am Jacqueline or J.B.O.

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Embarking on a journey spanning over two decades across the corporate and private sectors, I have worn many hats, navigating diverse roles and industries. This odyssey has sculpted me into a specialist, an individual fervently dedicated to weaving together the realms of work and home life. The tapestry of my experiences has led me to champion the integration of these spheres, recognizing the imperative need for balance and synergy in an ever-evolving world.


In the face of the challenges that await us, I am driven by the belief that the decisions we make must be mindful of their impact on our firms, the environment, and everyone involved. The pace of change shows no sign of deceleration, underscoring the importance of carving out recharge areas within our daily lives. I am here to actively contribute to and support this transformative shift.


Greetings, I'm J.B.O.—Jacqueline B. Oester. While my name has evolved, embracing a married identity, J.B.O. remains a moniker that encapsulates the essence of the individual behind the transformation. As a multi-passionate human, my mission is to extend a helping hand in all things related to business, home, and lifestyle.

My tenure as an Executive Assistant to a professional sportsman has honed my skills in organization and structure, demanding a readiness to accomplish tasks at breakneck speed. In a world where time is measured in milliseconds, operating at a high-performance level is non-negotiable. Yet, this fast-paced career has underscored the pivotal role of the home—a sanctuary where emotional, physical, and spiritual batteries are recharged. Only in a harmonious home environment can one unleash their full potential in the external world.

Life's balance is elusive, but harmony is within reach. The lifestyle we lead is an intricate dance, the culmination of myriad elements seamlessly working in tandem. I firmly believe that by cultivating a space at home where your batteries recharge, a healthier, happier you emerges, and your lifestyle naturally aligns with your aspirations.


I am here to guide and support you through positive changes—whether in your business, your home, or your overall lifestyle. Together, let's orchestrate transformative shifts and reimagine your world.


So excited to connect with you!
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01 AirBnB Set-up/Improvement, Interior-& Management

02 Interior Concepts for Businesses-& Homes

03 Content/Copy Creation for Websites, Flyers, Newsletters

04 Projects/Business Consultings Organization - Planning - Structure

05 Talent Placement & Private Charter travels

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